Can I get a Personal Loan with an ITIN?

Can I get a Personal Loan with an ITIN?

Depending on the provider, an International Tax Identification Number instead of a Social Security Number can be used when applying for a monetary loan. An ITIN is issued by the International Revenue Service to be used during the federal tax filing process. This number is necessary if you are an international resident in the United States without an SSN. Remember that other documents such as a valid visa and documentation proving you are authorized and eligible to work in the United States may also be required for ITIN loans.  

How do I apply for an ITIN?

Using the ITIN online application is a way to eliminate confusing and cumbersome steps often required for nonresidents aliens and his/her dependents to obtain an individual tax id number. The straightforward process you can follow to get ITIN online includes the following:

-Complete ITIN W-7 Form.

-Compile identification documents.

-Attach original 1040 federal income tax returns.

-Check for any additional documents required in exceptional situations.

-Send all documents to the IRS.

-Wait for arrival of issued ITIN.

An important component of the ITIN application is proper completion of the ITIN W-7 form. Be sure to follow W-7 form instructions carefully. It takes 8-10 weeks for the ITIN to be issued which means the primary application must be completed accurately to save both time and effort. If you have a spouse or child who also require an ITIN, you can save time and effort by listing them as dependents on your original ITIN application. Within 60 days of processing you should receive all original documents through the mail at the address you provide on the W-7 form.  

Once your ITIN is issued, you can use it to obtain personal loans from select providers. ITIN W-7 Application specializes in simple and convenient document preparation. Using the ITIN online application process before mailing in the complete application packet is an easy way to get started today.