How do I Apply for an ITIN for a Child?

How do I Apply for an ITIN for a Child?

Anyone without a social security number in the United States needs an individual tax number. This includes dependents of nonresident and resident aliens. The online ITIN form provides an easy way to get an ITIN for your child. In future situations after your child is issued an ITIN, you can claim him/her as a dependent when filing and reporting taxes. There are two ways to obtain an ITIN for a child.

-List child as a dependent when completing the W-7 form. 

-Apply for a child’s ITIN on a separate W-7 ITIN form.

The first option is the simplest way to get an ITIN for your child. However, both processes can be used for biological and adopted children under the age of 18, although some additional documentation is required for an adopted child.

What do I Need to Apply for a Child’s ITIN?

Whether you are listing the child as a dependent or competing a separate form for the child, the application document requirements are similar. Steps you must take to properly apply for ITIN number online and follow ITIN W-7 instructions include the following:

-Complete ITIN W-7 form online.

-Print out completed form.

-Gather relevant identification information.

-Attach federal income tax return(s).

-Send application packet to the IRS.

The identification information necessary for a child depends on whether the child has been issued a passport or not. Without a passport, the child must provide two documents displaying his/her foreign status and identity. For example, you can submit school records and a civil birth certificate. It may take 8-10 weeks before the ITIN is issued. All original documents submitted as part of the application packet should return to the mailing address listed on the ITIN W-7 Form within 60 days of application processing.

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