How do I get an ITIN number to sell on eBay?

How do I get an ITIN number to sell on eBay?

To get an ITIN number to sell on eBay, you just need to apply for ITIN by submitting the W7 application and documentation. This means following the ITIN W7 instructions checklist and collecting the acceptable documents to be submitted for ITIN processing. You must have an ITIN if you fall into these categories:

- You want to sell products on eBay’s U.S. website

- You plan on filing a tax return with the U.S. federal government

- You are a U.S. resident alien, non-resident person, or foreign investor

- You do not qualify for a Social Security number

The U.S. side of eBay requires sellers to submit their SSN, but you can still sell on the U.S. side of the site if you have an ITIN. You can find a W7 ITIN application online, but you must mail the application and documents directly to the IRS. There a number of different official documents that you can submit to prove you are a foreign investor, non-resident, or resident alien, or you can simply submit your valid passport. Overall, you must prove that you are a foreign national or foreign investor. You must send either original documents or certified copies with your ITIN application.

After you submit your application, you must await the response from the IRS. How long this takes depends on the number of applications they have coming through. It can take as little as a few weeks or as long as a couple of months. To speed the process up, make absolutely certain that you fill out the correct application and send it to the correct IRS address. The process will take longer if there are any mistakes in the application or documents.

Once you receive your ITIN, you can finish signing up for an eBay seller profile and open your online store. All of the necessary forms and information for applying for an ITIN can be found with ITIN W-7 Application.