How Do I Know My Eligibility for a SSN or an ITIN?

How Do I Know My Eligibility for a SSN or an ITIN?

United States citizens, permanent residents and nonimmigrant workers are eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN). All other individuals who are earning income from sources within the U.S. are eligible for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN is used to file your income tax returns and an IRS W-7 ITIN application form is used to obtain one.

What Do I Need To Get an ITIN Number?

The most important document that will be required to obtain an ITIN is your original and unexpired passport issued by your country of residence. If you don't have an original passport, then a certified copy can be presented. There are other documents that could also be used to verify your foreign status and identity when a passport is not available.   

Documents ITIN applicants can submit:  

·Civil birth certificate

·Proof of foreign voter's registration in country of residence

·Foreign national or military ID card

·Photo ID issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) 

·Visa issued by the U.S. State Department for students and nonimmigrant persons 

·ID card issued by any of the fifty U.S. states when verification requirements have been met 

ITIN Renewals

The IRS tracks ITIN numbers that need to be renewed. When it’s time for a renewal, the IRS will mail a notice informing you that you need to submit a renewal application. You must continue to use your ITIN until you become eligible to apply for and obtain a SSN.  

When You’re Ready To Get Started

When you're ready to earn income in the U.S., ITIN W-7 Application provides an easy-to-use online means of getting started. By taking the uncertainty out of the filing process, we help ensure everything will go smoothly. Our online ITIN W-7 instructions provide details about the application process and if you need ITIN number application assistance, you can rely upon our experienced support team to help you.