If I send my physical documentation, how and when will I get it back?

If I send my physical documentation, how and when will I get it back?

When you apply for an ITIN, you’ll usually submit several kinds of supporting documentation along with your Internal Revenue Service W-7 form. Many people prefer to submit original passports or certified copies, as it satisfies both requirements to prove one’s identity and foreign status. However, the IRS accepts original versions or certified copies of other important documents that satisfy either category. The IRS is required to return your materials, and its own internal processes ensure that these items are sent back to each applicant. 

Getting Your Documents Back

Understandably, you look forward to getting these returned to you in a timely manner, but you’ll need to account for the IRS’s processing times. Regardless of whether you include a return envelope for the original and certified documents required for your ITIN application, the Internal Revenue Service will send them back to you through standard postal mail to the address on your W-7 form. According to the IRS, applicants who do not enclose a courier service or prepaid Express Mail envelope should receive their documents within 60 days of their W-7 forms being processed. 

We Make W-7 Application Easier

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