What documentation is required for the ITIN application?

What documentation is required for the ITIN application?

If you plan to submit copies of ITIN documents, you need to make sure they are certified copies. Certified copies are provided directly from the issuing agency that made your original document. The issuing agency will provide a stamped certification seal proving that the copy is accurate. Certain consulates and embassies in foreign countries may be able to provide certified copies of ITIN needed documents. Contact your desired consulate or embassy to find out if it provides this service. 

What Do I Need to Get an ITIN Number as a Dependent?

If someone claims you as a dependent and you apply for an ITIN, you’ll need to provide additional documentation to show you are a U.S. resident. A passport without an entry date will not be sufficient as an identification document if you’re a dependent. You’ll need to provide certain original documents to prove your U.S. address alongside your passport according to your age:

-Younger than 6 years old: Medical record with the applicant’s name and address.

-Between 6 and 18 years old: School records with the applicant’s name and address.

-18 years old or older: Rental statement, utility bill, bank statement, or school record with the applicant’s name and address.

However, if you’re a dependent of someone who is in the military and stationed overseas or you’re from Canada or Mexico, you’re not required to provide proof of residency.

Get Help With Your ITIN Application

It can be confusing to understand exactly how to fill out Form W-7. If you need assistance finding the right documents to send to the IRS, you can contact one of our customer service representatives. The team here at ITIN W-7 Application can answer your questions about your application, ITIN status, or required documents via chat or email. Once you’re ready to obtain your EIN, you can fill out our easy online ITIN application.