What is a form W-7?

What is a form W-7?

The form was designed to provide the IRS with all the information needed to verify the identity of the taxpaying non-citizen and to have current contact information on file with the IRS. Many ITIN applicants wonder where to send W-7 form information when it is completed. The answer to that question and many more can be found on the W-7 form instructions page here on the site.

Understanding the W-7 Tax Form

The important thing to understand about the W-7 form is that it is designed to collect the same kinds of information the IRS needs from any individual with taxpaying obligations in the U.S. It simply provides an alternate framework for those who do not qualify for Social Security to accurately and easily file tax returns and make tax payments.

The process provided by ITIN W-7 Application is designed to provide you with a streamlined way to assemble all the information you need with an easy online resource. Start by reading through the  ITIN application page, and then from there it’s as easy as putting together the materials you need to mail in after you complete the easy-to-access paperwork online.

Sending Your Information to the IRS

It’s important to remember that your ITIN application can not be completed through the online application alone. After you fill out the W-7 form on site, you will need to print the PDF version of the finished form and attach it to your identity documents and tax return forms before sending the entire package to the IRS. This is due to regulations requiring original copies and/or certified duplicates for certain documents to be presented.

When you are ready to start the process of applying for your ITIN or renewing an existing number, all you must do to get started is fill out the application online. After that, it’s as simple as following through with the submission of your documents. Get started today to get your ITIN.