What is an ITIN?

What is an ITIN?

The Individual Tax Identification number is designed to allow for tax reporting and payment for the following types of individuals:

-Residents of the United States who do not qualify for Social Security due to their status

-Non-resident aliens who have income tax reporting and filing obligations in the U.S.

-The spouses and dependents of people with either of the above status

It’s important to remember that this number is only designed for individual income tax reporting purposes. For business tax reporting, an EIN is needed. If individuals own businesses in the United States and incur individual tax obligations, the business and individual will each need their own tax reporting number, and the process for obtaining each is different.

The individual tax identification number is only for individuals who are not U.S. citizens. Citizens with tax reporting obligations, even those currently outside the United States, are not eligible to apply for an ITIN.

Filing a W-7 Application for an ITIN

The ITIN application form is called a W-7, and ITIN W-7 Application makes it easy to file for one when you need it. Here you will find all the documents required for ITIN approval, so you can make an easy checklist for yourself while you fill out the paperwork. There are also handy ITIN W-7 instructions to make sure you go through each step properly. The ITIN form is simplified on the site to make it easier for you to focus on presenting the most relevant information to the IRS as clearly as possible, too.

What Is ITIN W-7 Application?

If you are looking for an ITIN application that is designed to make it easy to get approved for your tax identification number, look no further. Not only does ITIN W-7 Application streamline the process, the online instructions are also designed to help you understand each step you must take, even the ones that you have to take offline. Get started on an application today.