What Is the ITIN Application Process?

What Is the ITIN Application Process?

To get an ITIN, or individual taxpayer identification number, first complete IRS Form W7. This document must be printed and submitted to the IRS along with your income tax return. You also need to provide certified copies of approved documents that establish your identity and foreign status. Once you receive the ITIN, the IRS will use it to identify you when you file taxes for income earned in the United States.

Completing Form W7

ITIN W7 Application can help you request your ITIN online. Simply answer the required questions and you'll receive a PDF of your ITIN form that can be submitted to the IRS. You'll need to provide:

● The reason for your individual tax identification number form submission

● Your legal name

● A U.S. mailing address

● A foreign mailing address if applicable

● Birthdate & Country of birth

● Countries in which you hold citizenship

● Foreign tax ID number if applicable

● U.S. visa number if applicable

● College or university attending if applicable

Submitting Required Documents

ITIN needed documents provide proof of your identity and foreign status to the IRS. A passport is the only document that serves both purposes. Otherwise, you'll need to provide two separate documents. Accepted documents include:

● United States Citizenship and Immigration Services photo ID

● U.S. or foreign driver's license

● U.S. visa

● U.S. or foreign military id card

● State or national ID card

● Civil birth certificate

● Foreign voter ID card

If you choose to submit copies of these documents rather than bringing originals in person, you'll need to have a certified copy with an official seal. This can be obtained at a U.S. consulate or embassy. Get step-by-step guidance throughout the ITIN application process from ITIN W7 Application. We can help you understand whether you are required to have an ITIN and take the steps necessary to ensure you are in compliance with federal and state tax laws.