What Should I Do If I am Notified That My ITIN Will Expire?

What Should I Do If I am Notified That My ITIN Will Expire?

If you haven’t filed an income tax return at least once during the last three-year period, your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) will expire. The IRS mails a notice before an ITIN is set to expire informing you it's time for a renewal.  When you receive one of these notices, you may wonder, “What do I need to get an ITIN number renewed?” 

The IRS W-7 application form is used to renew your ITIN or to prevent it from expiring. The completed W-7 form is submitted along with proof of your identity and your status as a foreign national (such as a valid passport). 

What Will My ITIN Renewal Allow Me To Do?

An ITIN doesn’t establish eligibility for a Social Security Number (SSN) or U.S. citizenship. Before starting or resuming work, you must also fill out a W4 federal tax withholding report with your employer. This is where you provide your ITIN, marital status and number of dependents. Your employer will withhold taxes from your earnings and report the amount to the IRS using your ITIN. When filing an income tax return, your ITIN is needed to obtain a refund. To receive all allowable deductions and refunds, however, your spouse and dependents must also have valid ITINs.

If you're renewing your ITIN, you’re also allowed to file for your family members’ ITINs, but you must show proof of their identity and status. 

What your dependent children can use for ITIN document certification: 

·U.S. medical records for dependents under age 6 

·U.S. school records for all dependents under age 18

For dependents over age 18, at least one of the following will be required:

·Apartment or house rental statement with the applicant’s name and U.S. address 

·Utility bill with the applicant’s name and U.S. address

·Current bank statement showing applicant’s name and U.S. address

·U.S. school records or transcripts

Renewal and First-Time Applications Made Easy

ITIN W-7 Application simplifies the ITIN renewal and first-time application process. We’ll help you apply properly with ITIN needed documents so that you can receive all allowable tax credits and refunds.