Where can I Find a W7 Form in Spanish?

Where can I Find a W7 Form in Spanish?

An Individual Tax Identification Number is a convenient way for local or international residents without a social security number to file and report his or her taxes. The International Revenue Service issues a 9-digit ITIN after proper completion of a W-7 Form. You can apply for the ITIN number online. This ITIN W-7 form is available in English and Spanish. There are two ways to access the W-7 form and apply for ITIN in Spanish.

-Go to the ITIN W-7 Application homepage and using the tab in the upper right-hand corner, switch language to Spanish.

-Follow this direct link to the ITIN Form in Spanish.

After completing the W-7 form online, you must print it out and mail it to a branch of the IRIS or make an appointment and take it to an IRS Taxpayers Assistance Center. It is important to complete the application in advance of filing deadlines because it may take 8-10 weeks to issue a new ITIN.

What Materials are Needed to Complete the Application?

The ITIN W-7 application process requires a completed W-7 form and additional documents including the following:

-Identification document(s)

-Original U.S. Federal income tax return

-SSA denial letter (sometimes)

If you have a passport, then the passport is the only identification document necessary for your application. If you do not have a passport, you must use a combination of two documents from the list of ITIN needed documents to prove both your identity and foreign status. For example, you can use a foreign driver’s license and a National Identification Card. All original documents submitted as part of the application should be returned to you within 60 days of application processing.

ITIN W-7 Application specializes in preparing application documents and is ready to help you obtain an ITIN as easily and as quickly as possible. Apply for ITIN number online and contact us with any questions so we can simplify your overall tax filing process.