Do My Children Qualify for an ITIN?

Do My Children Qualify for an ITIN?

When you’re applying for an ITIN for your child, you’ll need to take some certain steps to make sure he or she qualifies. In order for your child to get an ITIN, you’ll need to follow these instructions:

● Complete the ITIN application online.

● Print out the finished form.

● Gather necessary identification documents.

● Attach your tax returns.

● Send the forms and documents to the IRS. Figuring out whether your child qualifies for an ITIN may seem difficult, but we have all the information you need to make sense of the process.

Identification Documents

When you’re getting ready to send out your W7 application form to the IRS, you’ll need to prepare identification information for your child. The exact documents you need to send with your packet depend on whether your child has a passport. If you have a passport for your child, you can send that or a certified copy of it. However, if your child doesn’t have his or her own passport, you’ll need to send two documents that prove his or her identity and foreign status. Some documents you may be able to use include: 

● A birth certificate. 

● School records. 

● Medical records. 

● Rental statements. 

● Bank statements. 

● Utility bills. 

The exact documents you need depend on your child’s age and whether his or her passport has an entry date on it. You should contact one of our ITIN W-7 Application representatives if you have questions about your specific situation. Getting your ITIN application right the first time is key, so you’ll need to make sure you meet all the requirements before you send anything out. 

Get Help With Your Child’s ITIN

Filling out W7 forms for a dependent can get confusing. ITIN W-7 Application makes it easy to apply for an ITIN for your child. Don’t be intimidated about dealing with the IRS and fumbling around with paperwork. Use our easy online application to get your child’s ITIN.